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VisionWare is now Civica 


VisionWare is now Civica

VisionWare joined the Civica Group in May 2018. From Monday 11th February 2019 all of our US business operations will be rebranded and will continue to deliver you a great experience under the Civica brand and identity.

Civica is a market leader in cloud software, digital solutions and managed services - helping organizations around the world transform the way they work.

To find out more about our Master Data Management (MDM) solution, MultiVue, please visit www.civica.com/multivue-us 
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Enable cross-agency data-sharing and collaboration with a single view of the citizen

Our MDM solution helps state and local governments solve their data management problems to improve service quality and reduce costs.

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State and local governments are under more pressure than ever to streamline citizen services and deliver better outcomes at a lower cost. This means making better use of their data: breaking down silos so different departments and agencies can draw from the same information sources and develop a more holistic view of where improvements – and savings – can be made.

Trusted by state and local governments across the US and worldwide, our Master Data Management (MDM) solution provides a simple and cost-effective way for large organizations to deliver this single view of the citizen and set the stage for future digital transformation efforts – including ambitious CRM and business intelligence projects.

We implement a single view of the citizen to deliver:

  • Accurate, complete and consistent citizen data across departments and agencies
  • A holistic view of service consumption for more informed decisions
  • Higher-quality, more streamlined services delivered at lower cost
  • A common entry point for front office, back office and citizen self-service
  • A common data backbone for digital transformation and CRM renewal
  • Better outcomes – and a better experience – for the citizen

What could a single citizen view do for your department?

A single view of the citizen has wide-ranging benefits, which is why many state and local governments are now turning to us for our flexible, scalable MDM solution – even as their requirements vary wildly.

Identify fraud, waste and abuse

Our matching algorithms can help identify instances of fraud and abuse, translating into millions in cost savings for some customers.

Improve child support enforcement

We help government organizations optimize revenue collection and enforcement for better social outcomes across the board.

Drive better social care outcomes

Data-sharing and collaboration means better coordinated care, allowing government organizations to service larger populations at lower costs.

We now have an up-to-date and accurate picture of every person served by the department, which means we have a holistic view of the cost of service provision and can ensure that every person receives the best, most joined-up service possible.

Beth Davidson State Health Information Technology Coordinator, State of Alaska DHSS

The VisionWare product guide

Download the guide: How to deliver a single citizen view

Want to find out more about the practical considerations behind a single view of the citizen, including potential barriers and the role of technologies like CRM and MDM? Our free guide will show you how to solve your data management problem in a fast, scalable and cost-effective way.

Download the guide

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The VisionWare blog

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State and local government industry brief

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State of Alaska case study

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Speak to an expert

Want to find out more about the benefits of a single view of the citizen and MDM for state and local government? Speak to one of our experts today and we’ll be happy to discuss your data management challenges and what our solution could do for you. To review VisionWare's Privacy Policy, click here.


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