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VisionWare introduce the next generation of MDM as MultiVue 5 reaches GA

Written by Paul James | Nov 20, 2015 12:00:00 AM

The platform that is set to re-define the price performance expectations of the MDM Market.

Today leading Master Data Management vendor VisionWare announced a series of enhancements to their MultiVue offering as part of version 5, which is now commercially available. New features include a fully responsive HTML 5 user-interface and significant improvements to performance to ensure that information management professionals can manage ever increasing volumes of data through any device in a real-time world.

“At VisionWare we have a long history of aligning to the needs of our customers and prospects to drive the growth of our business,” said Paul James VP of Product Development at VisionWare. “I am proud to say that MultiVue 5 is a by-product of listening to the challenges that end-users are experiencing in turning data volume into data value.” MultiVue 5 has been designed to overcome some of the key obstacles facing organisations in pursuit of a successful MDM implementation:

Redefining TCO expectations

When it comes to investing in any form of technology it is important to ensure that your Total Cost of Ownership is predictable. MultiVue 5 is a highly performant MDM solution - capable of loading, matching and merging data at a rate of 2,500 records per second without an expensive hardware footprint. This provides customers with the performance they need (in many instances much more than they need) without eroding their TCO.

Scaling to enterprise-wide uptake

This step change in performance also enables customers to have the confidence to scale the solution out towards enterprise-wide uptake. In addition, MultiVue 5 is built on a Microservice Architecture allowing for application level scaling and has been designed to take advantage of local compute and memory resources for vertical scaling.

Multi-domain MDM

Whilst most MDM projects tend to have an initial focus on a particular data domain (product, customer etc) it is important that vendors can scale to new domains as they come into scope for the client. With that in mind MultiVue 5 offers customers a pure Multi-Domain modelling capability that can represent any entity required.

Easier to manage configure

In any data improvement project time to value is key. MultiVue 5 has been designed to be easy to install, configure and manage going forwards. A single installer will install all MultiVue components interactively and smart default configuration enables organisations to ingest data into the system in as little as 10 minutes.

In summary Ross McIntosh, COO of VisionWare, stated: “With MultiVue 5 we are in a position to surprise and delight our customers on both sides of the price performance debate.”

If you would like more information on MultiVue 5 take a tour of the product here.