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VisionWare is now Civica 


VisionWare is now Civica

VisionWare joined the Civica Group in May 2018. From Monday 11th February 2019 all of our US business operations will be rebranded and will continue to deliver you a great experience under the Civica brand and identity.

Civica is a market leader in cloud software, digital solutions and managed services - helping organizations around the world transform the way they work.

To find out more about our Master Data Management (MDM) solution, MultiVue, please visit www.civica.com/multivue-us 
Please note, this page will automatically redirect to the Civica webpage in 10 seconds.

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Master Data Management (MDM) tools from VisionWare: Introducing MultiVue, Chroma and VeRus

VisionWare’s MDM solutions help organizations achieve their ultimate goal of creating a single customer view whether that be a citizen, patient or member.

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Master Data Management (MDM) tools allow organizations to break down the silos that hold their customer data and create a single, reliable version of the truth – unlocking greater efficiency, accuracy and the ability to make more informed decisions.

With our MultiVue, Chroma and VeRus solutions, delivering this single customer view is simpler and more cost-effective than ever. Built for flexibility, scalability and a rapid implementation process, our MDM tools will help you take control of your customer records and unlock the advantages of data-driven business – regardless of the scale or scope of your challenges.

What makes VisionWare different?

  • Sophisticated matching algorithms for the highest levels of data accuracy
  • Robust data governance tools to reduce security and compliance risk
  • Powerful tools for business users and the ability to integrate with CRM systems
  • Predictable implementation process and high levels of scalability
  • Ability to deploy on premises or in the cloud
  • Excellent performance on any hardware
Introducing the next generation of MultiVue

MultiVue for MDM: Take the product tour

Our MultiVue MDM engine allows organizations to match, merge and master their data easily, with flexible matching rules and features designed to empower business users. Click the link below to watch our video tour of the tool, hosted by Paul James, Vice President of Product Development, VisionWare.

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The VisionWare product guide

Chroma for data stewardship and governance

Creating a single view of the customer is one challenge – maintaining it is another. Our Chroma module allows organizations to stay in control of how their master data is shared and updated across the business, and ensure systems and users always have access to the most accurate and consistent information possible.

Download the product guide

The VisionWare product guide

VeRus for data quality

As more data flows into your organization, the risk of inaccurate and incomplete data increases. Our VeRus module helps maintain data quality by ensuring all records are verified and standardized against market-leading external reference sources, and draws from a range of data enrichment sets to help deliver a more complete view of every customer.

Download the product guide

Find out more about MDM tools from VisionWare:

MDM buyer's guide

MDM buyer's guide

Read our MDM Buyer's Guide
VisionWare product guide

VisionWare product guide

Read our Product Guide
State of Alaska case study

State of Alaska case study

Download the case study

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Ready to see our solutions in action? Contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch to schedule a demo so you can see first-hand how our MDM tools could help your organization. To review VisionWare's Privacy Policy, click here.


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