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VisionWare is now Civica 


VisionWare is now Civica

VisionWare joined the Civica Group in May 2018. From Monday 11th February 2019 all of our US business operations will be rebranded and will continue to deliver you a great experience under the Civica brand and identity.

Civica is a market leader in cloud software, digital solutions and managed services - helping organizations around the world transform the way they work.

To find out more about our Master Data Management (MDM) solution, MultiVue, please visit www.civica.com/multivue-us 
Please note, this page will automatically redirect to the Civica webpage in 10 seconds.

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Know Your Member with an Enterprise Master Member Index

In today’s competitive health plan market, plans are under pressure to make better use of their data to drive higher ROI from sales, marketing and customer service. But how can you know your members when key member data is spread across multiple IT systems?

With an Enterprise Master Member Index (EMMI), health plans can break down the silos that hold this information to create an accurate, complete picture of each member – gaining insight into new opportunities to improve member engagement and retention.

The Top Data Management Challenges for Health Plans


With multiple, disconnected IT systems in play, health plans have limited visibility into cross-sell and upsell opportunities in their customer base.


Low-quality data results in costly and ineffective marketing with limited personalization, and duplicate and inaccurate mailings which limit your ability to send targeted messages to members and prospects – resulting in a failure to capture attention and maximize the return of your marketing investments.

Customer Service

Poor communication and a lack of self-service options reduces customer engagement and member loyalty.

How Can an Enterprise Master Member Index Help?

  • Provides a single view of the member, their products and relationships
  • Improves visibility of member value, cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Enables more cost-effective, targeted marketing campaigns
  • Enables a more modern customer experience and improves retention
  • Helps health plans derive greater value from their CRM investments
  • Provides a common data backbone that improves the accuracy of analytics programs
Master Data Management for Health Insurers

Learn more about how our EMMI can help your organization

Want to find out more about VisionWare’s Master Data Management solutions like our EMMI solution, MultiVue, and how they offer a new competitive advantage to health plans? Read our industry brief to learn about the applications of the VisionWare solution suite for health plans.

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