Civica transforms Nationwide’s understanding of online banking activity

Internet banking is a fundamental component of service delivery for Nationwide and the UK’s largest building society has worked with long term development partner, Civica, to build a new online bank designed to improve the customer experience and enable very rapid delivery of new products and services, with BI being a core component. 

The reporting platform is designed to handle huge volumes of data:

  • 10 million clicks per day
  • Ability to handle over 10TB of data
  • Raw data held for 12 months in highly available storage
  • Seven years’ data stored in low-availability storage

The reporting platform delivers customer activity information to Nationwide’s key stakeholders. This insight is used across the organisation, including to:

  • Monitor fraud
  • Ensure compliance
  • Improve the online banking platform by tailoring it to customers’ needs and preferences
Civica has created not only the new online bank but a highly intuitive BI solution that manages enormous volumes of data and delivers highly intuitive reports that are used on a daily basis across Nationwide, from fraud and compliance to product development, senior management and IT support." 
Richard Searle, Head of Channel Integration, Nationwide