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As a trusted digital partner Civica works with departments and agencies to envision, design, deliver and manage digital applications and services. Through digital specialists, outcome-based projects and end-to-end transformation, we help government to streamline services and improve lives.


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Digital services

Working with more than 40 government departments, agencies and companies Civica provides a range of secure applications, digital solutions and managed services to support the provision of modern national services. Our secure, business-critical solutions are enabling organisations such as the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and many agencies to transform government services.

Civica’s dedicated Digital division has more than 20 years’experience of supporting central government and critical national infrastructure. The business provides a broad range of services, from strategic consulting to the design, development and management of front line applications ranging from a global crisis hub to a nationwide licencing service used by more than half a million people.

During the year Civica Digital continued to support existing and new customers. We extended our track record with, among others, the Home Office where the company has been engaged in more than 15 projects across departments, and the Rail Delivery Group, supporting its cloud-based product management system. In addition to government departments, new engagements included Acas and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

In partnership with the Department for Transport we enhanced our cloud-based Collision Reporting and Sharing system, digitally enabling police forces in England and Wales for road traffic collision management. CRaSH is used by more than 20 forces, unlocking savings of c.£7.5 million per year for police and government agencies. New mobile functionality aids faster, more accurate reporting, reducing police workloads, helping agencies work together and improving road safety.

Civica also continued to support national organisations through deep expertise and capability in secure communications and information systems.

Products and services are easily available through the Government’s Digital Marketplace and during the year we expanded the range of our offerings under the G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Technology Services frameworks.

In Northern Ireland, Civica is a key partner under the Strategic Partnership Programme, which has seen more than 30 services transformed with more than 15 million new online transactions. A new Driver Licensing Online System has reduced processing times while improving the customer experience with satisfaction ratings increased to 98 per cent.

With advances in the application of connected devices, AI and robotic automation, we continued to progress with innovative new technologies and to add new skills, outlining Civica’s commitment to provide the latest technology for our customers.

Following the end of the financial year, we were delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Thorn as executive director. With a track record of putting insights and data at the heart of business-critical application design and development, Civica Digital is extremely well placed to help progress the Government’s strategy as the sector looks to deploy modern digital services.

Software and Managed Services

Civica provides a range of specialist software applications to support and administration for agencies and national organisations.

In September 2018 Civica acquired iCasework, a specialist provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for case management. Available on both public and private cloud platforms, iCasework software is used by more than 100 customers to handle millions of cases annually, from request handling to complaints management.

Its highly configurable correspondence solution for government allows for management of a wide range of actions, from Parliamentary Questions and Ministerial correspondence to Freedom of Information. In use at the Home Office, Department of Health and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the software is accredited for use in government and is available through the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

In conjunction with our software applications we support assured, efficient and secure operations through specialist managed services from infrastructure and cloud solutions to business process services. These are underpinned by the Group’s national PSN-compliant ISO 27001 accredited data and service centre network, and secure system environments.

The Group made progress in the year with new software and service engagements for, among others, government resourcing business PeoplePlus and Network Rail.