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Webinar Download: Up to 16% of Healthcare Data Includes Duplicates: Two Case Studies Show EMPI May Be the Cure



Virtually all hospital IT executives – 97% believe that enterprise-wide master patient index (EMPI) technology is more important than ever.

That’s one of a number of new insights in this 45-minute on-demand webinar, presented by Tim Busche, President & CEO of Envision Health, and Chan Phung, Chief Innovation Officer at VisionWare. Tim discusses insights from Porter Research, an independent research firm about the evolving role and value of EMPI in healthcare organizations, and Chan shares two case studies, one for a large hospital system and one for a health plan, in which MDM helped to reduce the risk of patient errors, generated clean data for actionable analytics, and delivered more coordinated care.

Download this complimentary on-demand webinar to discover how hospitals systems, providers, and payers can use EMPI to:

  • Eliminate duplicates and identify the “golden patient record”
  • Improve data accuracy for analytics and population health
  • Share vital patient information across and within departments
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient/member communications

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Posted by Shawn Frazier on 08 Jan 2019

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Shawn Frazier

Shawn Frazier

Shawn Frazier is the Regional Vice President of Sales at VisionWare.


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