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VisionWare's CTO Featured in For the Record 

EHR Insider: The Consequences of Inaccurate Provider Directories 

Paul James, Chief Technology Officer at VisionWare, recently published an article in For the Record. The article discusses the problems organizations have in maintaining accurate, comprehensive provider directories, and explains how a Master Data Management (MDM) solution can help.

The root of the problem is that health plans often rely on legacy systems, and data are stored in multiple, disparate databases, lacking a single source of truth. An MDM solution can consolidate this disparate provider information and enable health plans to create a single, accurate view of each physician in their network—which will reduce costs for health plans while ensuring patients have access to the highest quality providers.

The article goes on to offer insights about the advent of value-based care and how patients encounter access to care barriers when inaccurate provider databases are utilized. Click the button below to read the full article. 

Read Provider Directory Article

 For more information on VisionWare's Provider Directory Solutions, click here. 

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Posted by Paul James on 26 Sep 2018

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Paul James

Paul James

Paul is the Chief Technology Officer at VisionWare.


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