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VisionWare is now Civica 


VisionWare is now Civica

VisionWare joined the Civica Group in May 2018. From Monday 11th February 2019 all of our US business operations will be rebranded and will continue to deliver you a great experience under the Civica brand and identity.

Civica is a market leader in cloud software, digital solutions and managed services - helping organizations around the world transform the way they work.

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In the Foxhole: Successful Strategies for
MDM Implementation

by Gary Stalker, Vice President, Technical Services, VisionWare

You’ve chosen a Master Data Management partner for your organization because you believe their tools and solutions will help you succeed. You hope you’ll be brothers in arms, fighting towards the same mission. But like any engagement, you won’t really get a feel for how you’ll collaborate until you’re in the trenches together. With MDM, this time comes at implementation.

VisionWare has learned several lessons over the years about what makes a successful MDM mission.

A Mission-Oriented Mindset
During technology implementation, it’s important for VisionWare, as well as the organization we’ve partnered with, to be mission-focused rather than piecemeal task-oriented. Our team analyzes the project from a big-picture perspective and makes sure we understand and agree upon what success will look like. We then deploy the right resources as a cohesive unit to get the job done. We aren’t  sending individuals with various job titles who are billed based on hourly rates—rather, we’re working cohesively as a unit committed to project outcomes to ensure success. This translates to focusing on what resources we need to deliver in the time frames demanded by the project, rather than how many person-days it will take to get the job done.

Empowerment Leads to Success
Regardless how good an army’s training is, one can never prepare for every scenario. Soldiers are taught to expect the unexpected, and empowered with self-sufficiency, so that when things don’t go according to plan, they can make the right decisions and adapt quickly in order to survive.

During implementation and beyond, we will ensure our customers have the tools they need to understand our MDM solutions, and maximize their value within the organization. Our ultimate goal is to empower our customers with the knowledge and confidence to use our solutions autonomously. Our solutions are designed to be intuitive, so that anyone can use the system to match and merge data, find the information they need, and use that information to make strategic business decisions.

Post-Project Analysis
Once implementation and training are complete, we do a post-implementation report called “Project Lessons Learned.” Like a general debriefing his team after a mission, we review our processes and customer feedback and consider which elements the team could have handled better, and which ones can be optimized for future implementations. In this way, our process is always improving, based on real-world experience. Customers appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback as well as the knowledge that VisionWare is committed to making actionable changes based on their recommendations for improvement.

These elements combined are what VisionWare has come to define as being “in the foxhole” with our customers. Click the button below and download the complimentary white paper to learn more.

Download Government White Paper       Download Healthcare White Paper    

For more information about VisionWare's MDM Solutions, click here. 

Topics: Master Data Management Solution, Single Patient View, EMPI, Single Citizen View, Provider Directories, For the Record

Posted by Gary Stalker on 08 Nov 2018

About the author
Gary Stalker

Gary Stalker

Vice President, Technical Services


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