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How a Six-Step Process Can Improve Data Quality



By Paul James

Following is an excerpt from an article originally published in Health Data Management:

There are six critical steps that data stewards should be able to undertake with a quality Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) in order to create and maintain the highest-quality view of the patient—leading to high-quality, comprehensive care for patients and cost-savings for hospitals.

  1. Assess the quality: It’s crucial to gain a good understanding of the quality of the data that is available and to understand the source of any limitations. It’s important to assess front-end systems.
  2. Integrate data: An organization needs high-quality insights, and this means integrating disparate information to build a “golden view” of the patient that brings the data together.
  3. Discover a good match: Explore how the data will interact between systems, how it will blend to create the golden record of each patient, providing a more complete and accurate picture. This process also offers the opportunity to discover relationships hidden inside existing data sources.
  4. Manage ongoing changes: From this point forward, an organization will continually be assessing the data and stewarding it for maximum success. Data is ever in flux, with new patients, changes of address, and changes in organizational systems. It’s necessary to have the right processes and technology and to establish the business rules to maintain the quality of data in real-time.
  5. Optimize data: If only internal data is used, the level of quality is capped. By using third-party reference sets to bring it data from outside the four walls of the hospital, an organization can achieve a much richer data set.
  6. Share information downstream: To realize the true value of the newly developed patient golden record, it’s important to efficiently push that information back out to the source systems in an organization. This enables each individual system to enrich and build out their golden record of each patient.

To learn about these six steps in more detail, and to understand how choosing a technology partner that will provide transparency at each step along the journey is necessary to gain buy-in and extract the value hidden in existing data assets, click the link below to read the full article:

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Topics: EMPI, Healthcare

Posted by Paul James on 15 Nov 2017

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Paul James

Paul James

Paul is the Chief Technology Officer at VisionWare.


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