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The volume of data your organization holds is growing exponentially. In order to govern and control that information appropriately it is essential to put people, processes and technology in place to define how that data should flow across the organization. Chroma supports data governance initiatives by providing a process for data management and maintenance throughout an enterprise.

It allows organizations to retain fine grain control of data that is shared across the business and facilitates synchronization with other source systems to ensure accurate and consistent information can be called upon to support business decisions. Chroma also empowers the data steward accept or reject updates provided to their systems, ensuring a high degree of data ownership is maintained. 

Getting a single view of the customer is one thing – maintaining it is another. Make Chroma part of your Data Governance strategy to realize the following benefits:

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Allow accurate and up to date information to seamlessly flow across the enterprise.

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Enable data stewards to maintain control and ownership of the systems they support.

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Allow all changes to data to be monitored centrally to support data governance.

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Maintain your single customer view by identifying data defects early.

The solution that doesn’t mind if you’re a control freak

Chroma allows data stewards to accept or reject changes down to an attribute level. If you want to accept a change of address but feel more comfortable with the date of birth you have – it’s fine by us. You can also set trust levels for data sources to ensure updates made to customer information come from the most reliable systems.

What kind of features can you expect from Chroma?

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Downstream notification of data updates to all connected source systems.

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Configurability to support updates in different delivery models to suit source system requirements.

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Granular control enabling specific data attributes to be accepted or rejected.

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The option to manually verify or automate changes to data based on trust levels associated with source systems.

Let accurate and complete data flow across your organisation

Our 20:20 Platform for Customer Context allows you to consistently manage, improve and enrich data as it flows across the organisation. We ensure that the richest view of the customer and all associated entities is available everywhere, every time and on any device.

Are all your systems telling the same story?

Empower staff at varying levels across the enterprise by enabling them to make more informed, timely decisions based on a consistent view of the truth.