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Take a closer look at our 20:20 Platform for Customer Context

Master Data Management Solutions Suite.

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Match, merge and master data with MultiVue

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Integrate and manage CRM data with Auris

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Govern, share and control data with Chroma

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Improve data quality and enrich records with VeRus

Are you being held hostage by your data?

85% of businesses believe missing, incomplete or inaccurate data is negatively impacting customer experience. Find out more about the Platform that is redefining the price performance expectations of Master Data Management (MDM) by reading our comprehensive product guide.

We are flying the flag for Total Cost of Ownership:

Predictable services implementation costs

High levels of performance on low spec hardware

Flexible and transparent pricing and licensing options

5 reasons to choose VisionWare

What do you need in an MDM partner?

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Think product ease of use

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Think pricing transparency

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Think integration with CRM

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Think cost of deployment services

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Think relevant industry use-cases

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Think predictable return on investment

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Think rapid time to value

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Think flexibility in deployment and licensing options

The hardest part is knowing where to start

Every business has different objectives and motives for turning their data into a strategic asset. The trick with Master Data Management (MDM) projects is to define a sensible initial scope to ensure tangible outcomes are achieved. Why not leverage our experience of translating MDM technology into industry specific outcomes by arranging a scoping workshop.