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Whether you are in the process of doing your due diligence on a potential acquisition target or have experienced growth as a result of a period of sustained M&A activity, it’s inevitable that customer insight and understanding is going to play a key role in realizing the expected business benefits of the deal in a timely fashion.

Companies grow as a result of M&A activity - they acquire more customers, inherit more suppliers, have more products to sell and the list goes on. To manage this level of complexity it is essential for insurers to create a single and complete view of the customer across organizational boundaries to improve strategic decision making and leverage the full value of the acquisition.

Understand the customer cross over between your organization and acquired companies to create the following benefits:

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Get a deeper appreciation of the strategic value of net new customers in the due diligence phase.

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Integrate acquisitions at pace unlocking post-merger agility.

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Improve customer facing business processes without the need for major systems replacement.

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Inform decisions around cross-selling and customer retention strategies.

Are you making the most of M&A activity?

Read our data management advisory note entitled ‘Making the most of M&A’ which offers actionable insight into the important role a single view of the customer can play across the M&A life cycle from the due diligence phase through to post merger integration. You will also see how other insurers are leveraging their data assets to get more strategic value from M&A activity.

Integrating mergers and acquisitions is the ultimate MDM challenge. Find out more about how our solution can help: