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What’s missing from your big data strategy?
Accuracy. Consistency. Reliability.

For the majority of healthcare organizations, consolidating data from clinical, financial and administrative sources is required for analytics; however, federating data is complex and resource intensive. Despite the desire to become more data-driven, fundamental problems with data quality and integrity continue to impede progress.

VisionWare’s Master Data Management (MDM) platform lays the foundation for consistent and reliable data across an enterprise without the need for a pre-defined data model. We eliminate variability in your analytics and restore confidence in your data. MDM delivers a single source of truth, enabling all stakeholders – clinical, research, financial, operational – to better identify trends, monitor patient behavior, track provider performance and, ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Eliminate variability and leverage analytics consistency to realize the following outcomes:

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Deeper insight into the trends influencing readmission rates, population health and patient engagement

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Improved understanding of the markets you serve so as to inform the business strategy

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Maximum return on your investment in EDW technology and analytics applications.

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Renewed trust and confidence in analytics activities from clinical, business and IT leaders across the enterprise

70% of healthcare organizations don’t trust the quality of accuracy of their data

Harnessing the power of big data has become an uphill battle for the majority of healthcare organizations. Analytics programs are most often hampered by a lack of data quality. Watch this video to learn how Master Data Management (MDM) technology can restore confidence and optimize big data analytics applications.  

Push your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to the peak of performance

EDWs offer insight and reporting functionality across financial, administrative, clinical, and research functions; however, they lack data governance and stewardship capabilities that protect data quality. Watch this video to learn how a robust MDM program enables organizations, and empowers data stewards to control when to accept changes and which source provides the most trusted update.

Learn why healthcare organizations are turning to VisionWare to solve today’s most complex provider data management headaches