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What separates the Master Data Management projects that exceed stakeholder expectations from the ones that don’t? Often, it comes down to ensuring that your MDM partner of choice knows your industry use-cases with a view to helping you create tangible results in the early stages of your project. Remember no business invests in an enterprise data management initiative for the sake of it.

At VisionWare we are passionate about understanding your specific industry challenges so that we can ensure our MDM solution delivers measurable business outcomes for your organization giving you the momentum you need to scale towards an enterprise-wide single customer view.

Single view of patient (EMPI) and provider identity (Provider Directory)

VisionWare for Healthcare

Leveraging your member data to create a truly customer centric business

VisionWare for Health Insurers

Leverage Citizen Insight to Improve Service Delivery and Enhance Decision Making

VisionWare for State & Local Government

Arm yourself with complete and accurate data at the point of customer contact

VisionWare for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We take the time to understand your business

At VisionWare we believe a MDM projects are about more than technology – it’s about creating a strategic partnership that drive transformational business outcomes. We have collaborated with customers across all major industries, ranging from manufacturing to housing associations, and all share the goal of turning data into actionable insight.

Get started on your MDM journey with these VisionWare resources: